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Full Automation Inside-between Transfer Molded Fiber Tableware Machiner

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Structure: dig forming, two hot-press working stations, and in-line trimming, and with no need to match with transfer mold to move wet product from forming station to hot-press station(s), beneficial to being higher in precision and more energy.

Equipment advantages:

1. Feasible Product Range:
● draft angle more than 12 degrees with height not more than 130mm
● draft angle more than 10 degrees with height not more than 50mm
● draft angle more than 5 degrees with height not more than 20mm
2. Introduction to processing:
● Suction Forming→Heating→Trimming→Scrap Cleaning→Stacking
3. Servo + Pneumatic drive, with precise locating guaranteed, running fast with high stability
4. Dig Type Suction forming, with pulp relatively evenly distributed
5. Equipped with a multi-joint robot, with product transferring flexible and reliable
6. Single Molder Daily Capacity: 800~1000 kg/day (based on exact design)

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Device application:

Food containers with general design with sealing function requirement, or special designs with requirement on height or sealing function.

Main parameters of equipment:

Item Technical Parameter
Model MJDTN121-1210
Figure Dimension(mm) 6600*3300*4300
Weight(Ton) 13
Platen Size(mm) 1200*1000
Work Stations Wet Forming(Dig Type)+Hot-press(2 stations )+Multi-joint Robot+In-line Trimming
Platen Parallelism When the single platen clamping force reaches the max (45T), single platen parallelism≤0.5mm
Mold Installation Method Lock with Nuts
Material Configuration All parts which directly contact pulp or water are with stainless stain pipes or baffles.
Wet Forming Platen Base: 304Stainless Steel
Transfer Platen Base:QT450-10
Hot-press Upper and Down Platen base:QT450-10
Trimming Upper and Down Platen base:QT450-10

Equipment Layout Design for Reference

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