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Full Automation Molded Fiber Food Container Cup Lid Trimming System

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Machine to do off-line trimming upon food containers, cup lids and some fine-art industrial packages

Equipment advantages:

1. Feasible Product Range:
● food containers, including dishes, plates, trays, clamshells, bowls, etc
● lids, including drinks cup lids, coffee cup lids, soup bowl lids, etc
● fine-art industrial packages, including phone trays, cosmetic packages, wine protection trays, etc.

2. Easy to handle with reasonable efficiency

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Device application:
To do full automation off-line trimming upon molded fiber food containers, fiber cup lid and molded pulp fine-art industrial packages

Main parameters of equipment:

Item Technical Parameter
Model MJYTN-T11075HP
Figure Dimension(mm) 5000*2950*3300
Weight(Ton) 4.8
Platen Size(mm) 1100*650
clamp height ≥80mm
Drive Hydraulic
Rated Heating Power(kw) 13
Force(ton) 30

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