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Food Services

Bagasse Bio-Degradeable Tableware

To meet the application needs of different scenarios in an all-round way, more than 500 products have been launched.
At the same time, it provides one-stop product customization services, non special products are sampled in 3 days, and molds are put into production in 15 days, which can meet the systematic customization of all Tableware packaging.

Use Application

We can provide customized development services for different scenarios and different usage requirements to meet various applications scenarios such as catering, schools, supermarkets, enterprises, high-speed rail, and airplanes.

High Quality Products with Temp. Resistance

Our bagasse tableware can withstand temperature of – 40°C to 120°C, we can put into the oven or microwave oven and it can be kept warm for about 5 hrs while meeting the food safety requirements.

Best Green 2P Manufacturing Factory Profile

Our 2P Manufacturer was established in April 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 150 million. The factory is located in Laibin, Guangx. The first phase of the factory covers an area of 125 acres and the plant area is 52.000 square meters. They are designed in accordance with the McDonald’s plant construction standards and BRC-AA standards. The annual capacity of pulp plate processing is 40,000 tons (including the Huai’ an plant). The company has self-developed and industry-leadingautomation equipment and 100.000-300.000 class dust-free workshop
Our Technology mainly serves the brand companies in various fields of food around the world, focusing on production of the mid to high-end products. The company has leading mold technology in the industry, online adding dry and wet slurry technology, Intelligent wet pressing technology automatic feeding and punching technology and Artificial intelligence-based visual inspection technology etc..This Technology can produce sugarcane pulp products quickly and on a large scale, and can fully solve the problems in the field of food consumption and Chinese food takeaway packaging

Enterprise Certification

Annual Output of 150,000 Tons of Bio-Degradable Plant Fibre, Eco-Friendly Tableware Project.

Smart Demonstration Workshop

On November 13, 2019, it was awarded Guange M-spacing: 34.118 mm by the Guangxi Department of Industry and Information Technology

Increased Double Capacity

On December 26, 2019, it obtained the second batch of “Double Hundred Zhixin Industrial Projects in Guangxi Autonomous Region.

High Tech Enterprise

The third highest in the autonomous region on August 26, 2020 Recognized as a multi-technology enterprise.


In 2021, it will be short-listed as an autonomous region and a new small giant enterprise, and in 2022, it will apply for the daily certificate level

Quality Certification

The one of the larges: manufacturers in the domestic industry, 50% of which are e posted (more than 200 countries in North America, Europe, etc), and 1065 sold in domestic market. It is the only production Factory in the industry that has obtained the BRC-AA certification of the British Rets | Consortium.
British Retail Consortium certification (BRC), SC quality system certification, food packaging production license. European de-gradable certification (OK Compost Home), USFDA food contact material standard German LFGB test..

Qualification Honor

FDA US Food and Drug Administration, BRCGS AA British Retailers Association, LFGB German Food Hygene Management, EDQM Guidelines for Paper and Cardboard Materials and Articles Contacting food. BSC Social Responsibility Supervision System, ISO9001 Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System.

Advanced Equipment

Fully automatic production line

Self-designed fully automatic production line, and technical support is provided by AB, SIEMENS, ABB and other companies. The automation level is leading in the world, with a single machine designed capacity of 1.2 tons/day

Automated stock preparation

Automate stock preparation and production to reduce human factors and provide more stable and high-quality products.

High standard workshop

Highly automated equipment and high standard workshops provide reliable and safe food packaging

IT/OT integrated system

The IT/OT integrated system connects equipment, software and hardware of the whole plant, applicates the production and operation information management system (MES), cooperates with the high-standard workshop, real-time management and track ing, and provides more reliable and safer food packaging.

R & D Capabilities

Mold Development

  • Multi-industry design capabilities and data accumulation to maintain a leading position in the market.
  • Stable mold research and development team, 15 years of continuous investment.
  • Own mold workshop to protect customer designs and prevent leaks
  • It can be customized according to customer needs and respond quickly to customer needs.

Equipment R&D

  • All equipment is seamlessly connected to ERP through the MES system, ensuring that production, finance, operation, sales and other departments can keep track of all information.
  • Own intelligent equipment development company, own equipment developers, guarantee equipment intellectual property rights
  • All equipment complies with the German Industry 4.0 standard and meets all the elements of “Made in China 2025”.
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